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Rain Set; Behind The Scenes

One of my favorite set designs has been the “Rain Set”.  It is a rather simple set up, but it has yielded some dramatic images. DSC_9377

To work with water, I had to move out of my studio into the garage.  There, I assembled a 10 foot high canopy made of PVC pipe on which a soaker hose was wrapped around the top.  To keep the water from spraying in all directions, I placed a plastic tarp over the top.  This helped confine the water spray into a mostly downward direction. DSC_0550

For the model’s comfort, I attached the soaker hose to a warm water source from inside the house (much better than the cold water spigot from outside!). DSC_9409b

The rest of the set consisted of a black background and floor.  In some cases, I used a shallow pool on the ground to capture the falling water and create interesting ripples.  This was constructed from wood planks and lined with plastic tarp material (as seen in the photograph below). DSC_0961

For lighting, the key sources were mono-lights fitted with barn doors off to each side and slightly behind the wall of “rain”, One soft box was placed in front of the model at about a 45 degree angle to act as fill light.  In some cases (although not shown in the image)  I placed a portable flash directly behind the model.  This produced the most dramatic lighting of the water droplets and created a halo around the model. DSC_9365

Of course when working with water, my biggest concern is safety.  I made sure there was no way for the lights to accidently tip over or even get near the water.  To ensure this, I had each mono-light on sturdy tripods and reinforced with heavy sawhorses to act as blockades.  These were positioned far from any source of water. DSC_0584

The final element of course is the participation of the model!  My primary thought was to use models with a background in dance and ask them to move, leap and play as dramatically and gracefully as possible.  Without these skilled models, the results would not have been as successful.  Thanks to models Marlo, Kate and Heidi for all your efforts!

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In May of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with talented model April-Lea.
She is well known in the art community, not only for her modeling, but also for her superb skills as a fine art photogapher.
Her work in both fields has been published throughout the world.
What strikes me in her modeling is her innate ability to draw the viewer in.
There’s a sensual component to her emotive poses that I find intriguing as well.
I feel that this style is also reflected in her photographic work.
I’ve always admired April-Lea’s skills on both sides of the camera, and it was an honor collaborating with her.
April Lea’s photography can be found here:  http://aprilleaphoto.carbonmade.com/

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Location vs. Studio Projects…

When it comes to art nude photography, I have traditionally been a studio shooter.

There’s something to be said for the comfort of the studio environment.  I have control over my lighting and there are no surprise weather changes.

My equipment, props and other niceties are right at my fingertips.  I can plan for the shoot in advance, testing for the best lighting, exposure and perspective.

Perhaps the most important comfort is that the model enjoys plenty of privacy, with no risk of an unwanted audience.

Everything sounds perfect, right?  Well, not exactly.  Often times there’s something missing.

That’s where location work comes in.

It’s an entirely different process for me that I really enjoy.

There’s a certain thrill to shooting on the fly, with little expectations of outcomes or preplanned visions to get in the way.

You have to be flexible with the changing lighting conditions, weather patterns and even what props or backgrounds are used.

I have found that the results are often just as successful than a carefully orchestrated studio shoot.  So I ask myself, which approach is best?

I guess it’s a matter of style and preference for each photographer to decide.

I have come to realize that I really need both approaches to keep my mind fresh and creativity flowing.   To find a balance between the two will be my goal for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, both approaches will be rewarded with renewed perspective.

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Geometry And The Nude?

For those who follow my photography, you may notice the inclusion of geometric shapes into many of my images.

There’s something intriguing to me about the human form juxtaposed against these mathematical elements.  

The energy I sense from the flowing lines of a figure can often be constrained or at times even amplified by the shapes of its surroundings.

To explore this relationship can be quite rewarding.

Rather than having a specific outcome in mind, I love to start with a basic concept, then have the model freely interact with the geometric element.

Allowing the model’s spontaneity and creativity to take over often times yields the most uncommon results.

This approach is a true collaboration in which every participant contributes creatively to the end result.

Is it possible that the inanimate prop also plays a role in the collaboration?

I believe so, because this object has allowed all participant’s imagination to thrive!

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Underwater Figure Study

The figure photographed underwater.  This is something that has intrigued me for quite some time.  When done right, there can be an otherworldly quality to the images.  It reminds me of a dream-like state.  Although the effect is different, it somewhat reminds me of what one can achieve with infrared photography.  It’s almost surreal.  Having seen some of the beautiful underwater work of photographers such as Howard Schatz and  others, I have been inspired to explore this direction myself.

The following images are from my first attempt at what hopefully will be a new direction for future projects.  Models are Lea Dodson and Unbearable Lightness.



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A. Marie

Internationally published cover model A. Marie is a stunning example of classic beauty.

I first noticed her work in a 2008 issue of the art magazine “Carrie Leigh’s NUDE-The Art Of Women”.  She graced the cover and had several pages dedicated to her work with accomplished photographer and publisher Carrie Leigh.

While viewing her work, I was struck at how timeless her look was, ideal for what I like to create.

When I learned that she had moved from New York back to her hometown in Michigan, I knew I had to contact her for a project.  Alicia liked the concepts I had proposed, and she was happy to schedule a shoot.

With the help of talented hair and makeup artist Kelly Decoste, the project really came to life.  The results were amazing to me, just what I had envisioned!

A. Marie’s background as a classically trained dancer (15 years in ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance) was just another facet to our creative options.

I feel she brought so much to the shoot, beyond her beauty, that really made it a success.

A. Marie’s accomplishments as a print, runway and cover model are well noted, and for good reason.

It is her work as an artist’s model however, where I really feel inspired.

My hope is that perhaps one day, our visions will come together once again for another amazing project.

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Some of my favorite projects involve working with athletic models.  It’s fascinating to me to document,  in an artistic way, the human form in top physical condition.  For the model, to capture the results of their training and dedication can be quite rewarding as well.

I have worked with body builders, runners, dancers, gymnasts and the like with wonderful results.

When you have an opportunity to photograph a subject who is not only athletic, but also possesses natural beauty and abundant enthusiasm, the results can be magical.  That is the case with my recent project featuring Heidi, a wonderful model referred to me through a mutual friend.

As a runner and yoga enthusiast, Heidi has honed her physique into a lean and statuesque form.

Capturing classic figure studies was a given as part of our project, and I feel the results were quite successful.

I also wanted to challenge her with some emotive portraiture (something that can be difficult for new models),

and even a water set (which she took to in a spirited way!).

I really enjoyed our creative session, and feel there is more to accomplish in future collaborations.  I certainly look forward to our next project.

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Brooke Lynne

In September of 2009, I had the pleasure of working with Brooke Lynne, one of the most sought after and gifted figure models in the art community.  

Brooke is from Minnesota, but is always traveling throughout the United States and Europe.

She contacted me as she was planning a trip through Ohio, and wondered if I would like to work with her.  Of course I was honored, and jumped at the opportunity!

She is passionate about her modeling, and always gives her all.  Brooke is the type of model that requires very little direction.

Given a very basic concept,  she will explore so many facets that the original idea can become something that one has never imagined.

I just love this type of collaboration, as all involved contribute to the final creation.

Brooke has been featured in many publications by several wonderful artists as well as gallery exhibitions.

She is truly ant artist’s muse, and I look forward to the day that we can create together again.

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During the Summer of 2009, I was contacted by Chicago based model Claudine about possibly collaborating on a project.

She’s a professional commercial print model by trade, but is also well-known in the art community for her fantastic work as a figure model.

She was planning on doing some boating in Michigan during the Summer, and thought we could work together during one of her visits.

I was familiar with her work and just loved her natural grace, flexibility and ability to create dramatic images.

The fact that she trained in classical dance was a huge bonus.  I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to see what we could create together.

Upon meeting her, I found Claudine to be  professional, yet very down to earth and friendly.   Additionally, she was extremely photogenic!  She knew just how to pose to create beautiful lines in a seemingly effortless manner.

Her passion for the arts was clear with every concept we explored.   She contributed immensely by expanding on basic ideas to create a true collaboration.

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The Classic Figure Study

Being a fine art photographer, I always struggle between trying to create something unique and new verses paying homage to the classics.

I have a huge admiration for contemporary photographers who forge ahead with creative visions all their own.  At the same time, I  wish to emulate the styles of the old masters.

Legends such as Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard , Horst P. Horst and others have influenced me tremendously.

I suppose that since my photography is produced utilizing today’s technology in the digital realm, it is a far cry from how the classics were made.  It is in the spirit of these old masters however, that I often find my creative energy.

This is particularly true when it comes to the figure study.

Exploring how light and shadow fall on the nude subject can bring almost endless possibilities, exposing textures and forms in such a way as to create a human landscape.

It is a very basic approach to art nude photography, but I find the results quite rewarding.

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