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Looking For The Unexpected

Model: Manzanita

Late photographer/artist Robert Mapplethorpe was once quoted as saying “I’m looking for the unexpected. I’m looking for things I’ve never seen before.”

Model: Mischief Vixen

Model: Alex

These words have resonated with me for some time, and have been a driving motivation when working with art nude models.

Model: Diane

Model: Stilt

I like to challenge all involved in a particular project to strive for this creative innovation.

Model: Anya

Model: Brooke Lynne

Sometimes this means going beyond what was originally planned, and allowing the imagination to move a shoot in other directions.

Models: Orixx, Spilt Sugar, Unbearable Lightness

One might say that the final image was a result of a creative accident, but I like to think of it as pushing ourselves to go further until the desired result is finally realized.

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From Nova Scotia With New Perspectives

For several years, I have admired the work of  Steve Richard, a fine art photographer from Halifax, Nova Scotia (find his work here).  He creates the type of photography  that is full of dark mystery and simply pulls the viewer in.  When experiencing his work, I am first struck by the beauty and sensitive elegance of it all.  But then several questions come to mind; “What is happening? Is this possible? How is this done?”  Just recently, I had the opportunity to learn many answers behind his images.

When browsing through Steve’s website, I noticed that he was offering workshops in fine art nude photography.  Though it’s a bit of a hike for me to get to Nova Scotia, I felt compelled to join his most recent workshop.  So off I went!

Upon meeting him, I immediately felt at ease.  I found Steve to be down to earth, practical and with no pretensions (a rarity among some artist at that level!).  Also, the models, assistant and other participants were very friendly and helpful.  Overall, it was a great group of people and a sense of camaraderie grew as the weekend went on.

All of the participant’s questions were answered without hesitation.  Steve was more than willing to “open his kimono” (as he liked to say) and share his knowledge without holding back.  One of the most impressive things about his work is that very little to no post processing is done.  He gets it right in camera and refuses to “fix” things later.  Many of the seemingly impossible shots are often illusions (some complex, while others surprisingly simple), not done in Photoshop, but created by clever solutions and a vivid imagination.  Alas, many “secrets” of his art were revealed!

But there was so much more to gain from this workshop than I had imagined.  Steve raised many more questions and made me really think about what I am trying to accomplish in my art.  I felt challenged and inspired and came away with renewed energy for my future projects.  I can unequivocally say that there will be changes to my approach and how I create.

The following are some images  I produced during the workshop.  Feel free to offer feedback, as I think you will notice a difference from what I normally do.  I’m excited and very interested to see where my work goes from here.  Models are Karen and Elizabeth.














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Revisiting Projects From The Past

I find it interesting how time can affect ones perspective.  Be it due to life experiences or simply a change in attitude, one’s perception of something can change considerably.  An example of this for me is how my tastes in music continues to change.  I might start listening to an artist or style that at one time I found unappealing, then suddenly I have a real appreciation for it.

On the eve of working with a model that I have not seen or worked with in six years, I decided to revisit our old projects to gain new perspective on what we have done.  The idea was to choose images that I originally nixed from the final edit and look at them with a fresh set of eyes.  I was pleasantly surprised on the number of new images that I could really appreciate.  I ask myself; “How could I have overlooked this one?”  I guess time has a funny way of altering ones vision.  Some of these newly discovered images are nearly 8 years old.  Strangely, there’s an excitement to working with them today as if they were recently captured.

The model is Alex, a wonderfully talented and lovely young woman.  After a much too long hiatus, we have plans to create new art at the end of the month.  I look forward to seeing how we both have evolved and what may come of our collaboration.


































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Liz Ashley

A few images from my recent shoot with Houston based model Liz Ashley:


She was traveling in my area last April to shoot a pin-up project with some  vintage aircraft.



I was happy that we could arrange some time during her visit to do a shoot together.



Liz is primarily a classic glamour model, but she is equally talented when shooting art nudes.  It is the latter that I wanted to explore with her.



Never having worked with her before, it was difficult to predict how she would do with what I had planned.



A few of my ideas would require strength, flexibility, grace and even getting wet!



Liz took to each concept with creativity and enthusiasm, making our time together a real pleasure.


There is no doubt that Liz is in good shape, but I was really impressed by her incredible strength and sense of balance.



This made it easy to expand upon some basic ideas beyond what I had hoped for, resulting in some very successful images.



In all, it was a fun project and Liz did a great job.  My only regret is that we didn’t have more time together.



Perhaps our paths will cross again one day!

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Underwater Figure Study

The figure photographed underwater.  This is something that has intrigued me for quite some time.  When done right, there can be an otherworldly quality to the images.  It reminds me of a dream-like state.  Although the effect is different, it somewhat reminds me of what one can achieve with infrared photography.  It’s almost surreal.  Having seen some of the beautiful underwater work of photographers such as Howard Schatz and  others, I have been inspired to explore this direction myself.

The following images are from my first attempt at what hopefully will be a new direction for future projects.  Models are Lea Dodson and Unbearable Lightness.



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During the Summer of 2009, I was contacted by Chicago based model Claudine about possibly collaborating on a project.

She’s a professional commercial print model by trade, but is also well-known in the art community for her fantastic work as a figure model.

She was planning on doing some boating in Michigan during the Summer, and thought we could work together during one of her visits.

I was familiar with her work and just loved her natural grace, flexibility and ability to create dramatic images.

The fact that she trained in classical dance was a huge bonus.  I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to see what we could create together.

Upon meeting her, I found Claudine to be  professional, yet very down to earth and friendly.   Additionally, she was extremely photogenic!  She knew just how to pose to create beautiful lines in a seemingly effortless manner.

Her passion for the arts was clear with every concept we explored.   She contributed immensely by expanding on basic ideas to create a true collaboration.

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Voodoo Lily

Last night, I had the opportunity to photograph a Voodoo Lily.  It’s a flowering plant from the genus Amorphophallus.

The term Amorphophallus originates from the Greek amorphos, meaning deformed and phallos, meaning male sex organ (I’m not making this up!).

It has a most unusual jungle-like appearance with intense dark colors, wonderful textures and beautiful flowing shapes (a perfect photographic subject!).

The most striking feature however, is that the Voodoo Lily emits a pungent and intense odor of rotting flesh.

Apparently, flies and other insects are attracted to this stench of decay thinking that they are in for a meal.  Instead, they inadvertently provide pollination services for the flowers.

Within minutes of bringing the plant into my studio, the smell of death permeated throughout.

I spent about an hour photographing the Lily, mostly using the technique of light painting  (using a small flashlight to illuminate the plant during 30 second exposures) . Before long, I just couldn’t take it anymore!  I hastily wrapped up the session and cleared the plant out of my studio.

It was a very unpleasant experience during the process, but I think the results were worth my sacrifice!

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Raelyn: The Shoot That Almost Didn’t Happen

I’ve admired the work of local model, Raelyn for some time.  Her portfolio is quite diverse, and she has a propensity for the unusual.

What strikes me the most however,  is her  inclination to create noteworthy images.  I thought she would be a perfect collaborator in creating beautiful art.

We had been in contact back and forth for some time, but for one reason or another, we could not get together on a project.

Then unfortunately, she moved away.  I thought I had lost my chance.

In the Spring of 2008, Raelyn contacted me and said that she would be visiting the area for a couple of days and wondered if we could arrange a shoot.  Finally, we settled on a date for what I anticipated would be a wonderful project.

Three days before our shoot however,  Raelyn informed me that she was having some sort of allergic reaction to something which resulted in some swelling and a rash on her face.  I thought our plans were doomed again!

By the day of our shoot, things had fortunately cleared up enough that she was willing to give it “a go”.

The results were everything that I had hoped for, and then some.

I have since lost contact with Raelyn, but have hopes that she will make her way to my studio once again.

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As a kid, I always loved the psychedelic art that was so popular with the counter-culture of the late 1960′s and early 1970′s.   Although I was too young to understand the LSD laden roots that inspired this art, my bedroom resembled a hippie hangout.  I had it all:  Black lights, a Lava lamp, one of those fiber optic lamps that would change color, a rotating lamp that projected moving patterns across the wall,  and of course; psychedelic posters.   Under the influence of nothing but music through my headphones, I would sit for hours and get lost in the wonderment of all this visual stimuli.

I’m sure this background had some influence on my latest series: “Kaleidosmoke”.

It all started with some photographs of smoke that I was making for another project.

From there, I added some brilliant colors to the mix.

Lastly, with Photoshop as a tool, I gave it that psychedelic effect that I loved so much as a kid.

Well, I must admit:  I still love it!

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Visions Of Xaina

It was April of 2008.  A group of local photographers and models got together throughout Detroit to create what we called the “Photography Jam Sessions”.

It involved fourteen photographers, fourteen models, eight locations over four days.  All the models and photographers planned out who they would work with, at what time and where.  From there, it was a collaboration of artistic visions that resulted in wonderfully diverse results.

Several of us met up at an incredible Bed and Breakfast for a day long shoot throughout the   property.  These images are just a small sample of the results from my work with the beautiful and talented model Xaina.

I first simply wanted to capture Xaina in various settings while allowing her grace to shine through.  It quickly became evident however, that Xaina was a bundle of energy and full of ideas.

We would start with a general concept, and just let the creativity flow from there.  It was a quick shoot, and I wish we had more time, but I was thrilled with the results.

For the following images, I simply had Xaina react to the music being played through the headphones. She really seemed to enjoy herself, and I loved capturing it all.  We called the series “Lost in the music”.

I call this next one “Through the Portal”. Xaina and I discussed portraying a ghost-like figure moving throughout a room. -The room itself being a passage to the spirit world.

We did some infrared photography as well.  I love the effect it had on Xaina’s hair.

Xaina’s enthusiastic efforts were a pleasure to capture. She really seems to love the process of taking on a roll and exploring the possibilities. I enjoyed every minute of our energetic session.

More results from my experience during the photographic jam session will be explored in future posts.

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